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Nervous System Informed Doula Training

Level I: Foundations Course

Hey Doula!

Lots has changed since I first started attending births nearly 20 years ago...

It sure seems like the competition is high amongst birth workers these days. Doulas are trying to sell the extra special sauce they bring to the birthing space. It can feel like having the 'old fashioned' skillset of supporting a family in birth is just not enough any more; doulas need to be massage therapists, counsellors, acupuncturists etc. to stand out.

Stand out as a Doula, not because you have another special 'thing' to offer but because you bring a presence to the space that is unlike anything anyone in the room can bring. 

Path To Certification

Learning How to Apply and Embrace The Invisible Skills Starts Here!

The NSI Doula certification training program is a polyvagal approach to birth care and is divided into three separate courses. Each course prepares you towards certification and application of the material learned. I am committed to providing you with a learning atmosphere that builds your confidence and competency to integrate nervous system informed care and embody the invisible skillset into your practice.

Level I: Foundations to Nervous System Informed Care Course

Level I is a stand alone course providing you with foundational knowledge about nervous system informed care and polyvagal theory, birth trauma, maternal mental health, and recovery

Level II: Integration and Skill Building Course

Level II assists you in integrating, embodying, and preparing to apply the knowledge learned in Level I. Together, we dive deeper into the concepts presented in Level I.

Level III: Application and Certification Course

Level III focuses on application and hands on mentorship to ensure you can embody the concepts with success. Once completed, you will be granted certification as a Nervous System Informed Doula.

Course Content


Course Orientation

•  Welcome Message

•  Course Overview

•  Community Guidelines

•  Activity: Course Intentions

•  Reflective Questions

•  Module Checklist


Module 1: An Intro to Trauma and Nervous System Informed Birth Care

•  Module 1: Learning Objectives

•  NSI + Trauma Informed Birth Care

•  Presentation Slides

•  Journal Exercise

•  Module Assignment

•  Module One Quiz


Module 2: Trauma Stewardship and The Birth Keeper

•  Module 2: Learning Objectives

•  Trauma Stewardship Introduction

•  Presentation Slides

•  Trauma Stewardship: Risks and Benefits

•  Signs and Symptoms of Burnout - Handout

•  Reflective Questions

•  Module Assignment


Module 3: Neurobiology 101

Module 3: Learning Objectives

The Triune Brain Explained

Polyvagal Theory Explained

An Overview of Nervous System Informed Care

Guiding a Mapping Session

Profile Map Explained

Reflective Questions

Module Three Quiz


Module 4: What is Trauma?

Trauma Defined

Trauma and Three Systems of Knowing

Coherence As a State of Health

Befriending Your Wild Animal

Reflective Questions

Module Assignment

Module Four Quiz


Module 5: Childbirth Trauma and Maternal Mental Health

Birth Trauma Explained

Three Contributing Factors

Maternal Mental Health + NSI Lens

PPMD Symptoms + NSI Lens

Reflective Questions

Module Assignment

Module Five Quiz


Module 6: A Healing Road Map for Recovery

Healing and Posttraumatic Growth

The Therapy Map Explained

Supporting in the Postpartum

Grief as Medicine

Reflective Questions

Module Assignment

Module 6 Quiz

Hello, nice to meet you...

Over the past 20 years, I have worn multiple hats within the birth culture. It all started with my first pregnancy, after which I co-owned a cutting edge natural parenting and pregnancy store, taught childbirth classes and prenatal yoga (before it was a certification thing), certified as a holistic doula, studied traditional direct-entry midwifery, attended two internships, wrote two books, and now, specialize in perinatal mental health as a clinical counsellor and founder of ASK Therapy for Moms.

So, let's just say, I know something about working within the childbirth industry. And, I know what it is like to think that you have failed a family because you couldn't help them experience the birth they hoped for.

Feelings of insecurity or inadequacy get in the way of offering exceptional care during high stakes moments during the birth and postpartum.

I struggled with this often as a holistic doula. At first I thought more knowledge would fill the insecurity. So, I went down a learning rabbit hole and embarked upon a deep inner and outer investigation to learn about trauma. I studied the topic so in depth that I eventually wrote a book on it, after completing a masters in counselling psychology. 

Whether I am holding space for a birth or a healing process, the essence and energy is the same. That insecurity I spoke about showed up in the therapy office in a familiar way.


The common denominator - me! 


I knew that there was something I was missing. It wasn't until I learned how to master what I call 'the invisible skillset' that 'it' all finally clicked. I want to help you learn how to embody these invisible skills so you can feel confident and competent as a birth worker, especially when the stakes are high or risky. 

I want to help you learn how to help your families have the best birth experience possible, despite unexpected outcomes. 

What You Can Expect

When you join the Level I: Foundations course you are embarking on a journey of

personal and professional development

Six postsecondary level modules released every two weeks

A private forum moderated by Jennifer for deeper inquiry and case consultation

Course activities to facilitate integration of the content and build confidence

Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls with Jennifer

Access to 1:1 coaching sessions with Jennifer at a reduced session rate

Completion of Level I grants you access to Level II

Words of Affirmation

Words from previous participants who have attended similar training

Jennifer goes deep into the topic and helps us understand concepts from bottom to top. Her own clarity and the immense research/hard work that she has put into this field reflects through the delivery of her lectures and the way she has organized the course - guiding the learner seamlessly from one idea to the next.

NSI Doula Training Member


Ready to Join the Growing Tribe of Nervous System Informed
Birth Keepers?

Midwifery for The Soul Book Trailer

Still want to get to know me better? Watch this book trailer.

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